Australian Frog Calls | Songs of Disappearance

Help our threatened species hop into the ARIA charts!

Australian Frog Calls Songs of Disappearance

Help our threatened species hop into the ARIA charts!

Having sent birds soaring to No.2 on the ARIA charts ahead of ABBA and Adele in 2021, Songs of Disappearance returned in 2022 with an album featuring 43 of our most threatened frogs. The album debuted at No. 3 on the ARIA Top 50 Albums charts, and hopped to No. 1 on the Australian Album Charts! The title track celebrates the incredible diversity of the Australian soundscape, and highlights what we stand to lose without taking action. Be immersed in a chorus of croaks singing in all corners of the country, from the mountain streams of Far North Queensland, to the caves of the Kimberley and the last remaining wetlands of our urban centres.

A collaboration between the Australian Museum FrogID project, The Bowerbird Collective, Listening Earth and Mervyn Street of Mangkaja Arts, this project, promoted as part of FrogID Week 2022, shows that Australians will not allow these precious voices to be silenced.

Highlighting the dedication of citizen scientists all over Australia, the majority of recordings on this album are high-quality public recordings of threatened frog species submitted to the national FrogID project. These sounds are complemented by recordings of Critically Endangered frogs contributed by some of our country's leading scientists. The album concludes with the moving calls of several species we have already lost to extinction, as well as a selection of exquisite, meditative, amphibian soundscapes captured by master nature recordist, Andrew Skeoch of Listening Earth.

Click here to view our new animation by Senior Gooniyandi artist Mervyn Street and Ngunnawal woman Jodie Austin!

CD price: $25, including a 16-page booklet.
Digital Download price: $9.99, including a PDF digital booklet.
Your purchase supports the Australian Museum FrogID Project.

Why buy the album when I can listen to these calls for free on FrogID?

While FrogID is deliberately a free resource for citizen scientists and the community, the recordings on this album can't be heard anywhere else. All tracks have been remastered by legendary nature field recordist Andrew Skeoch, President of the Australian Wildlife Sound Recording Group. The recordings of endangered species have been provided by both FrogID project participants, demonstrating that every day people can take part in science and conservation, as well as by Australia's leading scientists, and have never before been heard by the public. The album is a truly beautiful listening experience. When you buy Songs of Disappearance, you are voting for frogs on the ARIA charts and raising funds for FrogID.


Listen to a preview:

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